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    Bhamashah Yojana is a scheme introduced by the Government of Rajasthan to transfer financial and non-financial benefits of governmental schemes directly to benefiter in a transparent way.

    With the objectives of önancial inclusion and to empower the women of the State, Bhamashah Scheme was launched in 2008, wherein, around 50 lakh ladies were enrolled and 29 lakh accounts were opened. Bhamashah Scheme, an end-to-end service delivery platform to transfer cash and non-cash beneöts to the targeted beneöciaries in a transparent manner, was relaunched in the year 2014 with broader objectives. The Scheme is a family-based programme of önancial inclusion, where each family is issued a ‘Bhamashah Card’. The Card is linked to a bank account that is in the name of lady of the house who is the head of the family. The card leverages bio-metric identiöcation and core banking. Multiple cash beneöts would be accessed through the Bhamashah Card and will be directly transferred to bank accounts of the beneöciaries. Non-cash beneöts would be given directly to entitled beneöciaries. It is one of its kind scheme where all beneöts—cash and non-cash, e.g. services of Public Distribution System (PDS), Education Scholarships, payments under MNREGA and Social Security Pensions, beneöt of other Schemes like Distribution of Scooties to Students, Indira Awas Yojana, CM BPL House, Janani Surakha Yojana, Unemployment Allowance, Skill Training, other individual beneöciary schemes and many other services will be routed through Bhamashah Scheme. Under the Scheme, the family is being mapped correctly and single unique data set for the residents of the State is being made. Thus, duplication is checked. All demographics and socio-economic parameters have Rajasthan's Public Welfare Benefits Delivery Scheme Bhamashah Scheme Benefits of the Scheme Ÿ Ensuring empowerment of women Ÿ Financial inclusion for all sections of the society Ÿ End-to-end service delivery platform for cash and non-cash beneöts with complete transparency and real-time delivery Ÿ Closer-to-home banking services to citizens Ÿ A uniöed platform for a large number of schemes Ÿ Includes both family and individual beneöciary schemes been included to work out entitlement under various government schemes. Therefore, the Scheme will eventually cover beneöciaries at all levels across the State. Bhamashah Scheme leverages bank accounts opened under Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana for achieving Financial Inclusion. The Bhamashah platform does not limit the önancial inclusion to mere opening of bank accounts, but simultaneously ensures door step delivery of banking services through Business Correspondents (BCs) of the banks and Micro ATMs, being established at all the panchayats. Further, various mobile payment gateways have been integrated with the Bhamashah platform, thereby making service delivery through JAM (Jan Dhan; Aadhaar; Mobile) trinity a reality in the State. 

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