LANDMARKS  IN  BANSWARA DISTRICT
 Name of Landmarks   Details  

 Tripura Sundari Temple

 (Land Mark of Spiritual enlightenment)               

Tripura Sundari Temple is about 20 km from Banswara City. On the Banswara Dungarpur road near Talwara is situated the ancient temple of the presiding mother deity of the region Raj Rajeshwari Tripura Sundari in the Umrai village.
     The temple is a reverend place of Shakti upasana or the worship of mother deity. The chief attraction of the place is the most astonishing and charismatic black stone idol of the deity.
     Tripura Sundari is the most famous place of pilgrimage in the wagad region and people from far of places visit here to pay their worship and reverence to the presiding deity of this tribal area. A big Garba (Dandiya) festival is organised every year during the Navratri. 

 Mangarh Dham  Govind Guru, was a popular saint of the Bhils who made the Mangarh hill a centre of faith. He awakened the Bhil community and filled them with a sense of patriotism. The Bhils were so inspired that they sacrificed their lives for freedom. Later, 1500 Gurubhakt Bhils sacrificed their lives while fighting against the British army. It is therefore also known as Jallianwala Bagh of Rajasthan.

 Mahi Dam 

(Land Mark of Modern development)

Mahi Bajaj Sagar dam is the lifeline of Banswara district which has turned out to be a great source of agricultural and economic development of the region. This Mahi Dam is the biggest water reservoir in the Udaipur division.
     The Dam is situated 18 kms north-east of the district headquarters in the midst of high rising hills. The total length of the Dam is 3.10 Kms. And the total Water reserve capacity is 77 tmc.
     A number of hills partially remain submerged in the Mahi Dam Backwater which present beautiful view of Small Islands, which is why the place is also called a “City of Hundred Islands”. When in the rainy season the main Dam gates are opened to discharge the excess water it creates a wonderful site for the visitors. Mahi Dam is indeed a favourite attraction of the tourists.

 Arthuna Temple

(Land Mark Archaeological site) 

Arthuna is a major spot of historical importance in the district and is protected by the archaeological survey of India. Arthuna is 65 Kms. from Banswara. The Arthuna temples are the reminders of the glorious past of this place. The temples are a portrayal of the ancient sculpture and ancient Indian philosophy.
    The Mandaleshwar Shivlinga of this place is built by the ancient emporer Chamunda Raja in 1080 isvi. A number of temples and sculptural pieces have been unearthed around this place.
     There is a Hanuman temple, Neelkanth temple, Kumbheshwar temple, Chosath Yogini temple, Shevacharya, a cluster of Jain temples on this premises. Apart from this, a large number of idols, stone carvings and evidences of the glorious past are strewn here and there all around this place. It is indeed a major centre of the ancient art and sculpture.

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