Holi :

Holi is the most important festival for the tribal community. The tribes of the region wear their traditional dresses on Holi carrying swords and sticks and perform the ‘Gair Dance’ which is a typical tribal dance of this region.

Divasa (Haryali Amavasya) :

Divasa is another festival, which is celebrated by the tribal people on the last day of the first fortnight of Shravanmaas. It is a festival wherein the bullocks and the animals are worshipped and made to bathe as they are considered God’s another form. Various food items are also prepared.

Aamligyaras :

It is celebrated on the 11th day of the bright half of Phalgun and unmarried boys and girls observe fast on this day. They go to a pond in the afternoon, wash themselves and bring small branches of tamarind trees. The Bhils attend the fair armed with bows, arrows and swords. This festival is held at Ghodi Ranchod, Bhim Kund, Sangmeshwar, etc.

Baneshwar Fair

The biggest tribal fair is held at Baneshwar at the confluence of Mahi, Som and Jhakham, which are believed to be holy rivers of the region. A number of tribals from Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Rajasthan gather to immerse the mortal remains of the dead. They worship, sing and dance on Magh Purnima, sometime in the month of February, which is considered to be a holy period in this region. It starts in Magh Shukla Gyaras and Magh Krishna Panchami (peak period of this fair is Magh Purnima).

Ghotia Amba Fair

This is a colorful and traditional fair held every year from Chaitra Thrayodashi to Chaitra Shukla Duje. The Bhils gather to take a holy dip in the tank near the temple with idols of Pandavas. They demonstrate their faith in the holy mango trees and Kaila Pani.


Celebrated on Margshirsha Purnima, Mangarh is also an important festival for the tribal people. Tribes from Rajasthan, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh participate with enthusiasm in this fair. Guru Govind Giri, the founder of Samp Sabha, is worshipped on this day. 


Name of Fair / Festival Place Date Expected Crowd (Approx.)
Choti Ranchord Motogauv Falgun Shukla Gyaras 20 to 25 Thousands
Kalaji Ka Mela Gopinath Ka Ghada First Sunday of Navratri 5 to 10 Thousands
Dev Jhulani Banswara Bhadrapad Shukla 11 25 Thousands
Ghotia Amba Ghotia Amba (Borigama) Chaitra Amavasya 2 Lac
Andeshwar Andeshwar (Kushalgarh) Kartik Purnima 25 Thousands
Baneshwar Dungarpur - Banswara Maagh Purnima 4 to 5 Lac
Rath Yatra Banswara                Ghatol         Bagidora/Talwara   Badodiya/Kalinjra Nogama/Partapur Arthuna/Aajna/Garhi   Daduka/ Kushalgarh Bhadrapad Shukla 3 Bhadrapad Shukla 2 Bhadrapad Shukla 2 Bhadrapad Shukla 2 Bhadrapad Shukla 2 Bhadrapad Shukla 2 Bhadrapad Shukla 2 5 to 10 Thousand



Vaneshwar Vaneshwar (Banswara) Kartik Shukla 4 8 Thousands
Maangarh Near Anandpuri Margshirsha Purnima 50 Thousands
Gopeshwar Near Ghatol Kartik Purnima 15 Thousands
Shivratri Madareshwar, Banswara Shivratri 10 Thousands
Mangleshwar, Banswara Shivratri 10 Thousands
Jaran Ka Mahadev Bagidora Shivratri 10 Thousands
Navratri Tripura Sundari (Talwara) Ashtami 10 Thousands
Vittaldev Mela Vittal Dev Poush Purnima 20 Thousands

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